Online surveys made easy

With SurveyPortal you can collect answers and analyze data from online surveys.

When you create questionnaires and collect answers, you can:
  • create questionnaires with one or more questions per page

  • define logic for the questionnaire (e.g. if you answered "yes" or "no" to a previous question you are directed on to the next appropriate question)

  • define validation rules (for example a four digit number or a valid email address)

  • send emails with a link to the questionnaire and send reminders

  • schedule emails to be sent at a certain day and time

  • monitor the response rate day-by-day and see status for each mail address
You can produce basic tables and graphs at any time with the built-in analysis functions and with the DeskTopIntegrator program that you can download for free, you can:
  • employ the user-friendly report generator to produce reports with tables and graphs

  • code open-ended answers into groups

  • create filters for selecting a group of respondent, which require separate analysis

  • move or copy answers for selected respondents

  • export answers for selected questions

  • calculate confidence intervals and weighted score for the answers

  • merge answers in order to analyze answers in fewer categories

  • add missing answers in order to ensure correct percentages in tables

  • import background data or data from previous surveys

  • exchange data with other programs such as MS Excel, SPSS and SAS
When you distribute the results you can:
  • distribute reports as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint documents